Making the decision to ´take the leap of faith´ in to the unknown and move halfway across the world is a huge step in itself. To go where you don´t know a single person or the language is even more daunting.

But, if you are planning on going travelling, don’t worry! There are thousands of young people just like yourself who are making the brave decision to travel each year and you will, without a doubt, make life-long friends, unforgettable memories and incredible adventures along the way!


One of the most exciting yet nerve-racking moments of my life….

Having thought about teaching in Thailand, it always seemed like a far-fetched possibility. I had stayed in my University town after graduating and 4 years later hadn’t pursued my dream of travelling! It began to look bleak and I wasn’t sure whether I would ever make it to the likes of SE Asia.

One morning, something switched and I decided to get my TEFL course completed (this took longer than expected due to work commitments, and sleep requirements!) but eventually, it was done.


Tip: Prosecco helps the nerves……

Many people will get their TEFL completed and paperwork ready and jet off to Thailand, finding a job once they are in the country. I found a job prior to leaving, at a great school just East of Bangkok, and sorted my Non B Immigrant Visa prior to arriving. This has meant I don’t need to do the so called ´Border run´. Now, after being here for a few months, the paperwork has finally been completed by immigration and my work permit has arrived!


If you are planning to travel afar, of course there are moments of homesickness, but you have to remember that what you are doing is incredible! You´re seeing so much of the world and experiencing things first hand that many people will only see through their computer screens! Take it all in, enjoy the moment!

Jodie elis · 20/02/2018 at 09:30

Awww love this!!! So proud of you!!!

Chase your dreams you gorgeous lady!!

All my love,

Jodie Ellis

Aka wing bitch

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