I thought I´d have this section for nifty tips and tricks, life-changers some might say!

This list is going to start out quite short,  but don’t worry, over time as I discover new tricks, I will continue to add to it!

So, here we go!!

  • Roll your clothes rather than folding them. This gives you much more room for clothes, gadgets or your toiletries.
  • Always carry mosquito spray (I unfortunately found out I was allergic to Thai mosquitos – not pleasant!)
  • This is a weird one – mozzie related. My sister told me if you put saliva on your mosquito bite it won’t be as itchy. I thought she was telling me porkies for fun, but I gave it a go. LIFE CHANGER.
  • If you’re travelling to South East Asia, if you REALLY NEED to pack fancy sandals, only pack 1. Many places in Thailand, for example, require you to remove your footwear and leave it outside and its super annoying for you when you constantly need to fiddle with your shoes.
  • Go beyond your comfort zone. I hate when I look back and think ´what if´. Do you want to look back 30 years from now and think ´what if´, or would you rather have a story to tell?
  • Relax! This isn’t meant to be stressful! Enjoy yourself, take in the beautiful views of the world! The beauty of travelling is, if you want to stay somewhere longer or shorter than you intended, you can! Just catch a different bus on a different day!

As I said, I´ll keep adding to this list, and if any of you want to add on, let me know in the comment box!