Tranquil. Beautiful. Paradise.


This place was, without a doubt, the most beautiful place I’ve been in Thailand so far.

The entire place has such a peaceful ambience, and anywhere you turned you were greeted by breathtaking views.

It is very much up to individuals, but personally I felt this place was more of a ´couples retreat´rather than a solo travelling spot. This being said, I had not done much research in to the different bars and restaurants around the island, and had I done this prior to leaving, I possibly would have managed to meet a few more people.

I was only here for 2 nights, but it felt like a lifetime. Having travelled half way across the world, and spent the week prior on Koh San Road, this ´time out´was a much needed break where I could read my book, enjoy the sun, and sip on an ice cold Chang!

I would highly recommend renting a motorbike for the day whilst you are there (your accommodation can order one, and in the evening it will be picked up). This will give you a chance to see the island, the view points and everything the place has to offer. If you’re arriving during the day, with little luggage, you could rent one from the pier – they seem to be vastly cheaper than at the hotels and when returning you’ll be right next to the pier! (I wouldn’t recommend this at night as the roads are windy and the pathways down to accommodation is bumpy and unpredictable, and if you don’t know where you’re going, you might get lost!).

I stayed in a place called Sangthian Hills, where I had a beach side hut, and a private beach for the resort. There was a double bed, a bathroom/shower room, a fan and a kettle for your coffee. There wasn’t really anything else you needed! It was a lovely place, even if on both nights there were horrendous thunderstorms that shook the place!

The island itself is a national park. Sometimes they miss you at the payment spot due to a high number of bikes coming through, but its best to get your ticket from them for 200 baht, and so long as you keep hold of that ticket, you can use that throughout your stay (I believe it is valid for 5 days – don’t quote me though!).


The picture on the right, although you can’t see it too clearly, had stones piled up on top of one another. It had me singing songs from Moana for days….

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