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If you are solo travelling, a common question I will hear is “How  do I make friends?!”, “What if I’m lonely?!”. This is a question I couldn’t get out of my head before I left for Thailand.

The thing you have to remember is, absolutely everyone is in the same boat! For those who are travelling on their own, they are looking to make new friends too, and groups of friends alike. You don’t come travelling with friends to ONLY speak to them for months on end!

Tip: Be brave! Say hello! What´s the worst that could happen?


A big family concern before I left was the safety of Thailand.

Luckily in my home town, I feel very safe (so long as you don’t do anything to wrong the locals, they don’t have a problem with you – it´s just not the ´Thai way´). I’ve accidentally forgotten my phone in the bike pocket on numerous occasions and have returned to everything as it was!

I heard of someone accidentally leaving the key in their bike at the train station as they went for a weekend in Bangkok. They returned to a note saying someone had borrowed their bike so had filled it up with petrol and cleaned it – and a reminder not to forget the key again!

I wouldn’t say it is the same in all places. More touristy areas means more opportunists, as it would in any country. Places like Bangkok, Koh Samui and Phi Phi are places where you just need to have common sense.

During the day, wherever you are in Thailand, Tuktuks are a cheap way to get around.

I remember once getting a Tuktuk in Bangkok with some friends and the driver started doing mini wheelies and laughing every time I told him to stop. We went past a taxi full of girls from UK, a few from my hometown! I remember thinking “Perhaps I should ask them to send a message home to my loved ones…I don’t know if I´ll make it to Koa San Road!!”.

In terms of personal safety, just use your brain. You wouldn’t walk around unknown roads at home on your own at 4am, so why do it in a country you don’t know? Uber and Grab are big in Thailand, and very cheap – download these before you go and you´ll be set!

Good luck!

The main this is, have fun, don’t hold back and make great memories! To have the opportunity to travel, is to have the chance of a lifetime, experiencing new cultures, and seeing more of the world! Enjoy it!

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