This is where I live! The city of Chachoengsao is in Chachoengsao Province. This is east of Bangkok, about 1/1.5 hours away via train or van.

How to get here:

*BTS = Bangkok Transit System. It is often referred to as the Bangkok Sky Train, as it is much like the London Underground, but above ground traffic.

Van – take the BTS* to Ekkamai, go down the steps and you’ll be at the bus station. The vans should be every half hour, but take in to consideration “Thai time” and that the bus may not leave for another 15-30 minutes. This may depend on other vans or because they are waiting for the van to fill up, but will cost you 100 baht, even if you’re the only person in the van.

Train – catch the train from the main station, Hua Lamphong (end of the line on the BTS) for 13 baht. If you are running late and won’t make it to Hua Lamphong, you can catch the BTS and Airport Rail Link to Lat Krabang and then you only have about 30/40 minutes on the train. Not every time, but more often than not there is a delay exiting Hua Lamphong, resulting in all the stops being pushed back.


Once you get here, try dinner at Nared´s on New Si Sothon! He lived in Florida for a while so his English is fantastic. Somehow, this man knows exactly what you want to eat! And if for any reason you´re feeling poorly, he´ll whip you up something spicy to blow away your cold! Trust me, it works! A fantastic meal for 40 baht (£0.91)!

Another spot I would highly recommend is Sun&Moon, also on New Si Sothon, a bit further up the road. Here you can have an incredible Penang (Mei Phet!), Stir fried veg and chicken, or Chicken Cashew (these are my 3 favourite meals here!) amongst many other dishes, for as little as 55 baht (£1.25).

Warning: Mei Phet  (said ´My pet´) should be “No spice”, it will most likely be the tiniest bit of spice to add flavour. When I first came to Thailand I couldn’t handle spice AT ALL, and this was absolutely perfect level for me.

Phet Nit Noi (spelling may not be correct! Said ´Pet Nit Noy´.) means, a little bit spicy. I would say this is my current level now. I daren’t go any higher yet!


Although Chachoengsao is not a tourist hot-spot, many Thai’s visit the attractions, such as the  Wat Saman Rattanaram Temple “Pink Elephant” – the reclining Ganesha, as well as the Black Ganesha and the Temple Sothon Worawiharn.

IMG_1813 (1)

Pink Elephant at Wat Saman Rattanaram Temple

The pink, reclining ganesha is a main attraction, found just outside of the city centre. Around this there are several other attractions, which are absolutely astonishing to the eye!

On the main road, instead of turning right down to Wat Saman Rattanaram, continue straight and follow signs for the Black Ganesha. All the attractions have signs with images, and English translations, so its easier to locate. The first time I went, I completely missed the signs (this road is the pathway to many beautiful sights so every couple of hundred metres there are signs for directions and you can easily miss your turning!). Once you direct yourself through the windy roads, take a left and you´ll see this beauty!!


This picture does no justice as to how tall and beautiful this Ganesha really is


Just round the corner from the Temple Sothon Wariwiharn (an absolutely breathtaking temple that shimmers in the sunshine!), we have the Thursday night market. You name it – they’ve got it! From car parts, to handbags, to food! It´s very possible to go and spend the entire evening there, and probably still not see the whole place! You’ll often see coaches bringing people in for the market.

We also have the 100 year old market, but, I haven’t been yet, so will update at a later time!

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