My first trip to Koa San Road, Bangkok, is the most memorable one of all.

I arrived in Thailand on the 16th October, and by the 18th I was in Bangkok, sipping a Pina Colada cocktail in the Rooftop Bar on Koa San Road. This was mainly to compensate for the major stress I had been through trying to find a hostel that would accept that I had forgotten my passport in Chachoengsao! Luckily, I had a photocopy on my emails and eventually I managed to book in to a hostel just around the corner from Koa San Road.

As I sat sipping my Colada in the Rooftop Bar, there were a group of people from all around the world sat at a table, and Tee, a fellow Brit, invited me over to the table. This was the start of my two planned days becoming 5 spontaneous days, and nearly getting stuck in Bangkok….!

Just a warning, this is quite a long one…feel free to go make yourself a cuppa…

P.S. There´s a reward.


Daily meet ups at the Greenhouse were a necessity!

During the days we would go and do our own thing, but every morning we would meet at Green House to catch up.

Temples, tuktuks and tears of laughter….



The floating market

A few of us decided on our last day in Bangkok that we wanted to see the floating market that had been so widely advertised around the Koa San Road area. From what we understood, it was just round the corner. Little did we know…….

The taxi offered a cost of 400 baht return. Considering we thought it wasn’t too far away, we considered this a little steep in price, so bartered it down to 200 return. Turns out the floating market we were going to was about 1.5/2 hours away! This left us in a bit of a predicament. I was the only one who didn’t have a flight to catch that evening! There were 2 internal flights and one flight to Singapore and only 7 hours between leaving Bangkok in the morning and planes leaving!

After debating the entire way whether we should just turn the taxi round and go back to Bangkok, we decided that we would go to the floating market, spend just under an hour there, and then get back in the taxi.


It was quite a rush at the floating market, which meant we didn’t get a chance to do many of the activities offered. As you go round on the boat, you are escorted towards the ´market stalls´along ´the river, where they sell anything from food, to ornaments, to clothing. Including this, there were attractions where you would exit the boat and watch as some of the goods were being made. This floating market is also full of floating houses, where the villagers live during the evening.

We stepped off the boat to look at the banana plantation, before heading back on to the boat. One of the men on the way had a tiny Loris in his hands, it was so cute! There was also a section of this floating market where they had elephants, but we didn´t have the chance to see these.

We finally made it back in to the taxi, and began our return to Bangkok. The traffic was insane. Due to the Kings funeral, many of the roads had been closed off to prepare. There were people frantically trying to get out of Bangkok, and those frantically trying to get in before everything came to a complete standstill. Eventually we made it in to Bangkok, and swapped taxis to be taken to the airport. They all made their check in times, with 10 minutes to spare! I ended up staying in that taxi and going back to Chachoengsao this way, as I still didn’t have a clue how to get around Thailand!

You made it to the end! Here´s an ´ugly laughing´montage. These are some hilarious faces….


The bottom left is my favourite….

Until next time Koa San! Xoxo

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