You took the brave step to leave your home country and come to travel in Thailand, and now it is time to do things you never imagined you would! So, where do you start? Here´s a few ideas of what you can do to bring back stories of your travels! I will keep adding to this as I experience them myself, as I would prefer to give you a first hand experience! At the bottom of the page are a couple of things I would like to do whilst I´m in Thailand, and once they’re done, I will update the page with my thoughts and whether they are worth doing!

Eat a scorpion (or any bug) in Bangkok

When I went to Koa San Road, my sisters asked if I had eaten a scorpion yet. Of course I hadn’t, thats disgusting. Knowing my competitiveness, they said they had it when they were out in Thailand. Of course I then thought…..maybe I should, I wouldn’t want to be the only sister who hadn’t tried it! But no, I decided that eating a scorpion was just disgusting and I wouldn’t do it. Fast forward a couple of hours, here I am, scorpion in hand.

As you can see from my face, I totally regretted the decision of buying one, as I was now surrounded by people expecting me to eat a scorpion on a stick!

3….2….1….in it went….it took a few chews, mine was crunchy, the other one wasn’t, so I’m glad I got this one! Honestly, if was going to put a taste to it, I would say salty seaweed, which then evolved in to burnt chicken! Not as bad as I thought it would be, but, I certainly wouldn’t do it again!

Anyway – it turns out my sisters didn’t try the scorpion when they were in Thailand…!


I went paragliding in Pattaya, and although it was a very quick experience, it was fantastic and so much fun! I highly recommend it! The going price was 800 baht, and I managed to barter this down to 600 baht (I bought this from the man opposite the mall on the Main Street, about half way down the road). I would definitely do this again, it was so much fun!


Go to the floating market

If you have read my Bangkok – Koa San Road blog, you will know that we went to a floating market (very far out from Bangkok!). This was a fantastic place, I will try so hard to find out what the name of it was as I highly recommend going! There are many floating markets closer/within Bangkok also, and I would definitely suggest you visit one whilst you’re here.



Whilst in Bangkok, make sure you visit the temples (Grand Palace, Wat Arun, Wat Pho etc.). I still have so many more to see but here are a few pictures from my visits. Temples are scattered all over Thailand, and wherever you are you are bound to find the most beautiful temples to visit!


The ever growing list of things I have yet to tick off my list!


Visit a waterfall

Go to a full moon party

Try Muay Thai – and not suck at it

Rock climbing at Railay beach



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